Roeloff Gerritse Vanderwerken
Stefan Bielinski

Roeloff Gerritse probably was born during the 1640s. His father's name probably was Gerrit - a pioneer settler of New Netherland.

In 1677, Roeloff Gerritse Vanderwerken had a farm at Halfmoon on Cohoes Island. In 1683, he lived outside Albany's north gate. In 1689, a local assessment roll identified him as a farmer in Marte Gerritse's company. The census of 1697, identified him as a resident of the city of Albany. At that time, his household included a wife and six children.

His wife was Geetruy Jacobs. By 1693, nine of their children had been baptized at the Albany Dutch church where he was a member.

Roeloff Gerritse Vanderwerken joined his Albany neighbors in swearing allegiance to the king of England in 1699 and again in 1701. In 1703, however, he was appointed "pathmaster" for Half Moon. Perhaps he was the individual named on a list of Halfmoon freeholders in 1720.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Roeloff Gerritse Vanderwerken is CAP biography number 6004. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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