Peter Van Deusen


Based on subsequent resources, this Peter Van Deusen was born after 1756. He appears to have been the son of William and Cornelia Gilbert Van Deursen of New York City and was christened there in July 1762. We seek information on his early life and path to Albany. We are mindful here of a similarly named slightly older contemporary Albany resident and of more regional namesakes as well.

Peter "Van Dausen" (one of two PVDs on list) received a bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment. Otherwise, we seek information on his wartime activies.

In July 1786, he is said to have married Lydia Brewster of Middletown Connecticut. Their first child was born in New York in 1787. Between 1793 and 1805, at least five of their children were christened at the Albany Dutch church.

At least by 1790, Peter and Lydia were raising their family in Albany's third ward. The first Federal census showed that his household included five people. In August 1790, his property/residence was located on the west side of Market Street between Steuben and Columbia Streets. A decade later, the middle-aged couple and five children were living under his roof. The assessment roll for 1799, valued his house and lot in the third ward and his holdings modestly.

Family-based resources have identified him as an attorney. We seek documentation of that connection. If so, perhaps he was associated with his Market Street neighbors - the Van Vechtens.

Peter Van Deusen died in Albany in April 1809. He had lived less than forty-seven years. In 1813, his widow was identifed as a resident of 60 Fox Street - an address that had a number of seemingly unrelated people living there.

"Lydia Van Deuerson relict of the late Peter" was buried from the church in April 1832. She had lived for seventy years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Peter Van Deusen has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Notes: 152 PIETER VAN DEURSEN son of (78) Willem Van Deursen and Catharina Gilbert of New York City; bp there July 4, 1762 ; d at Albany, N. Y., April 11, 1S09 ; m at Middle- town, Conn., June 6, 17S6, Lydia Brewster, dau of Capt. Elisha and Lucy (Yeomans) Brewster of Middletown, Conn. (See Miscellaneous and Related Families) ; b at Middletown. Sept. 12, 1762 ;d at Albany, N. Y., April 26, 1S32. He served during the Rev. War in the Seventh Regt., Albany Co. Militia, under Col. Abraham J. Van Alstyne. Res: In 1790, Third V.^ard, Albany, N. Y. Oc: Lav,yer.

313 i Lucy Gilbert, b Feb. 24, bp at N.Y., Mar. 4, 1787; sps William Van Deursen, Sarah Van Deursen; m Nov. 18, 1810, David AV. Groesbeek, son of (14S) Catherine Van Deursen and William D. Groesbeek.
ii Sidney Lewis, bp at Albany, Feb. 4, 1793 ; sps Philip and Catherine Waggens.
314 iii Abraham Samuel Whittlese}-, b Sept. 12, 1795; bp at A. Feb. 6, 1797; sps William and Catharina Groesbeek ; m (ist) ; (2d) Ann Alex- ander.
315 iv Sarali Ann, b April 3, 179S; m July 11, 1S13, Andrew Benedict Cooke.
316 V Isaac Gilbert, bp at A., Jan. 2, 1801 ; sps parents; ni Ann Eliza Allen.
vi Catharine, b a 1S03 ; m (ist) Mc Donald; (2d) Rice.
317 vii Peter, b Dec. 3, 1805; bp at A., Apr. 9, 1809; sps parents; m in 1830, Lucy Baldwin.

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