Melgert Abrahamse Van Deusen
Stefan Bielinski

Melgert Abrahamse Van Deusen was born in New Amsterdam and baptized in the Dutch church there on March 6, 1644. He was the son of Abraham Pieterse and Tryntje Melchiors Van Deusen. Sometime afterwards, his family relocated upriver to Rensselaerswyck and then may have settled in Albany.

By 1668, he had married Engeltie Rutgers Van Woert. The marriage may have produced as many as thirteen children. He was a member of the Albany Dutch church and an occasional baptism sponsor.

In 1689, he was listed on an Albany subscriber's list as a "farmer in Marte Gerritse's Company." In 1697, his Albany household was configured on the city census.

By 1720, he may have been living in Rensselaerswyck.

Melgert Abrahamse Van Deusen buried his wife in 1728. He died in January 1742 shy of his ninety-eighth birthday and was buried on Papsknee Island.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Melgert Abrahamse Van Deusen is CAP biography number 5564. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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first posted: 5/30/04