Maria Van Deusen Mingael Wendell


Maria Van Deusen is said to have been born about 1632 and to have been the daughter of New Netherland pioneers Abraham Pieterse and Tryntje Melchoir whose descendants are today known as Van Deusen. Her parents raised their family in New Amsterdam where Abraham Pieterse became a prominent burgher. Maria and some of her siblings would become residents of Beverwyck.

By 1651, Maria had married Thomas Janse Mingael. The marriage produced several notable children before Thomas Janse died.

In 1663, under terms specified in a pre-nuptual agreement, widow Maria re-married. Her second husband was Evert Janse Wendell, a recent widower with children. That marriage produced a number of additional children.

This large combined Wendell family was headquartered in Albany from where Evert Janse laid the framework for what became an impressive family fortune. In 1697, Maria's State Street home still included a young man and two children and soon would be valued among the elite properties in the city.

In 1703, these Wendells conveyed a piece of city property to son/stepson Thomas. Evert Janse is said to have died in 1709. "Maritje & Tho Wendell" were listed on the first ward assessment in that year as well.

We seek definitive information on the passing of Maria Van Deusen Mingael Wendell.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Maria Van Deusen Mingael Wendell is CAP biography number 5552. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 1/10/12