Gysbert Cornelisse Vandenbergh


Spelled variously, New Netherland pioneer Gysbert Cornelisse was born during the first three decades of the seventeenth century. He is said to have been from Breucklen (in Utrecht) and to have been a Van Rensselaer tenant beginning in 1648. "Gijsbert Cornelisz van den Hoogenberch" may have been the first Vandenbergh family member in Albany. However, his life seems to have been distinct from a similarly named contemporary.

His wife was Elizabeth and their children were born during the 1640s and 50s. At least two sons and a daughter married and became Albany residents.

In February 1651, an "inventory of Animals found on the farm of gijsbert Cornelissen van breuckelen on the hill," was printed in the VRBM.

He appears to have appeared frequently before the Rensselaerswyck court during the 1650s.

In 1674, he was among those invited to the funeral of the director of Rensselaerswyck. Gysbert and his two sons were identified on that list as "Van der Bergh." His name appears in the manor records into 1675.

In 1662, he is said to have purchased a farm near Bethlehem from Martin Cornelise Van Buren. He appears to have held a number of properties in the hinterland (Rensselaerswyck) surrounding Beverwyck/Albany. However, his name is absent from community-based resources so far encountered.

In 1678, Gysbert Cornelis is said to have occupied a farm in Greenbush. Perhaps, he was the Gysbert Cornelis whose household was configured on the Rensselaerswyck census in 1697.

Although not technically a city resident, Gysbert Cornelisse Vandenbergh was the father of what became the Albany Vandenbergh family. We seek more definitive information on his life and especially on his passing.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: Mostly because he probably was not a city resident, the life of Gysbert Cornelisse Vandenbergh has not been assigned a CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. He appears to be one (if not the only) of the patriarchs of the Albany Vandenbergh family.

first posted: 7/10/11