Dirck Vanderheyden


Dirck Vanderheyden was christened at the Albany Dutch church on Junuary 7, 1694. He was the son of Dirck and Rachel Ketelhuyn Vanderheyden. This fifth child grew up in a large family in the first ward home of a former frontier trader-turned-businessman and contractor. By 1720, perhaps Dirck Sr. had removed his remaining family to a Schaghticoke farm.

By that time, Dirck Jr. seemed to be cementing his ties to Albany. In 1715, the name "Dirck Van Der Hyden Junier" appeared on the roster of an Albany-based troop of horse. His father also belonged to that company.

In April 1716, he married Albany native Egbertie Bradt also at the Albany church. Their only daughter was christened there at the end of July.

During the 1730s and 40s (until 1746), he seems to have been involved in real property transactions with his brothers regarding family property at what is now Troy (formerly Vanderheyden) or Lansingburgh.

After that, the name of Dirck Vanderheyden has not yet been encountered in our sweep of the community-based record. His wife seems to have maintained her ties to their Albany church and was buried from there in August of 1760.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Dirck Vanderheyden is CAP biography number 5682. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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