Johanna Van Corlear Rumney


Johanna Van Corlear was born during the spring of 1687. She was the daughter of Benomi Van Corlear and his wife, Elizabeth Vanderpoel Van Corlaer. She grew up in the third ward home of a multi-functional Albany resident who died in 1704.

In 1708, Johanna married newcomer Jonathan Rumney at the Albany Dutch church. A son named Robert was christened the following year. The marriage appears to have produced other children as well.

As late as 1713, Rumney was listed on the rolls of an Albany-based company of grenadiers.

Johanna lost her husband in September 1722. While maintaining some visible connection with the Albany Dutch church, widow Johanna otherwise was less prominent the community-based record. However, she probably remarried and relocated to New Jersey. What follows is of less certainty.

On September 17, 1729, "Anna Corlaar" married "Nic. Groesbeek" after the posting of banns at the Albany Dutch church. No other information was included in the marriage register. Traditional sources chart their relocation to New Jersey

In November 1750, Johanna's mother, widow Elizabeth Van Corlear, filed her will. It divided her estate and mentioned her daughter Johanna, calling her the wife of Albany native and widower Nicholas Groesbeck then of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Perhaps they were the couple who married at the Albany church in 1729. He is said to have died in New Jersey in 1754.

Johanna Van Corlear Rumney probably died sometime thereafter. We seek defining information on her later life and passing.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Johanna Van Corlear Rumney is CAP biography number 6666. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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