Daniel G. Van Antwerpen


Daniel Van Antwerpen was born in May 1747. He was the son of Schenectady residents Gerrit and his second wife, Catharina Brouwer Van Antwerpen. This individual was known as "Daniel G." to prevent confusion with same-named kin.

In December 1766, he married Dirckie Winne at the Albany Dutch church. She died after bearing two children. In October 1772, he wed thirty-four-year-old spinster Gerritje (Geertruy) Witbeck - also in Albany. That marriage produced at least one child who was born in 1774. Over the next decades, he had extensive dealings with the church as a supporter and regarding the payment of burial fees.

These Van Antwerpens made their home in Albany's third ward. Assessment rolls from the 1760s on detailed his moderate holdings. In 1790, his home included five family members.

In 1767, his name appeared on the roster of an Albany militia company. In 1776, a "Daniel G. Van Antwerpen" was identified as a second lieutenant in the Fifth Regiment of the Albany County militia.

In 1767, he owed the city of Albany for quit rents. In 1772, he was identified as a "gentleman."

Daniel G. Van Antwerpen was last heard from in Albany in 1791. His holdings were not valued on the Albany assessment roll for 1799. Perhaps these Van Antwerpens were living in Coeymans in 1794.

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