The story of the Albany Vosburgh family begins with Abraham Pieterse who settled in Rensselaerswyck as early as 1649. The first Abraham Vosburgh held a number of properties. Following his untimely death in 1659, his widow raised their three sons and at least one daughter in an Albany home until they re-located to the new settlement at Kinderhook. Their children further established the Vosburgh family in Albany and its environs.

However, in 1697, only the Rensselaerswyck households of Pieter and Isaac Vosburgh were configured on the census.

During the middle decades of the eighteenth century, eight Vosburgh named households were listed on a Kinderhook assessment roll.

In 1756, no Vosburgh-named households were noted on a census of 329 buildings in the city taken for quartering purposes by the British army.

During the mid-1760s, three individual Vosburghs were assessed on Albany assessment rolls.

In 1779, the names of Barent and Myndert Vosburgh were included separately but placed near eachother on an Albany tax list.

In 1790, only one Vosburgh-named household was configured on the city census. However, seven Vosburgh names were included on the census of surrounding Watervliet. By that time, the Kinderhook Vosburghs and Vosburgh outlyers as well were counted under newly formed Columbia County. Also, at that time, upwards or fifty Vosburgh-named households were listed in New York State.

The Albany city census in 1800 configured the second ward home of "Jacobus" Vosburgh.

In 1813, only the Van Schaick Street residence of cartman James Vosburg represented the family in the first city directory.

Since then, descendants of the first Abraham and Geertruy have settled, grown, and prospered across the United States.

The Vosburgh family maintained a modest presence in the city of Albany during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. However, the descendants of Abraham Pieterse were far more numerous in greater Albany County.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: This access page on the Albany Vosburgh ifamily is based on family and community-based resources. Family history PFS. NN Register for the landmark family history and genealogy of Royden Woodward Vosburgh. This online posting has proven a handy starting point. Published in 1993, The Vosburgh family then and now may be of additional value.

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