Sara Visscher


Sara Visscher was born in September 1741. She was the daughter of Harman and Sara Wyngaert Visscher. She was a middle child in a large and prominent third ward family.

In April 1765, Sara married Barent Visscher at that Albany Dutch church. By 1776, six children had been christened at the church where she was a member and pewholder. Her marriage, however, was not a long one as Barent Visscher died sometime after the birth of their last child in 1776.

In his will filed in 1769, Barent Visscher left his entire estate to his "beloved wife" to sustain their family during her widowhood.

With the passing of her husband, Widow Sara Visscher took over management of the family assets. Beginning in 1779, her house and property were valued on the city assessment rolls.

In November 1785, letters of administration were officially granted to her on Barent Visscher's estate as the previous administrators had been relieved.

During the 1780s, she was able to obtain and exchange lots and parcels in the second ward in transactions involving the city government.

In 1788, her house and property were valued moderately. In 1790, her second ward household probably included her son, his wife, and their child. However, in 1800, the census probably counted her under the second ward household of her son John.

With one exception, the city directory included her "Widow Visscher" at 61 Columbia Street for the remainder of her life.

Widow Sara Visscher is said to have died in August 1822. A functional widow for more than four decades, this Albany native had lived more than eighty-one years.

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At least two additional parcels were credited to "Widow Vischer." However, Sara was one of a number Visscher widows living in Albany during those years.

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