Myndert Vosburgh


This Myndert Vosburgh was an Albany resident during the 1760s and 70s. Perhaps, he was the Myndert christened in Albany to Barent and Jannetie [Van Schaack] Vosburgh in February 1726. His name otherwise has not been found in the extant Albany church records.

In October 1761, a Myndert Vosburgh (identified as a tailor) witnessed a will along with two prominent Albany residents.

This individual does not seem to have married. However, his name was associated with Barent Vosburgh on Albany assessment rolls and two "Mynderts" were baptized to Barent and Anna Gerritsen during the 1770s.

In 1766, he was appointed constable for the third ward and high constable as well. In that year, his Albany property received a modest assessment as did that of Barent Vosburgh whose name appeared below that of Myndert. In 1767, he also was identified as a member of a city militia regiment.

His name has not been found in the records of Albany during the War for Independence.

In March 1779, his personal property was assessed under a lot in the third ward. After that, his name longer appeared on Albany rolls.

However, other same-named contemporaries lived in Albany County. In December 1767, a marriage license was issued to Myndert Vosburgh and "Syntiche" Wheeler. Another Myndert Vosburgh was a prominent resident of Kinderhook during the 1770s and afterward.

At this point, unresolved questions prompt us to move on from the life of the one-time Albany resident named Myndert Vosburgh.

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