Jan Dirckse Vinhagen
Stefan Bielinski

Jan Dirckse Vinhagen was born in the Netherlands about 1633.

His wife was Maria Vanderpoel. They had at least three children. Both parents were members of the Albany Dutch church. Jan Dirckse served as a church officer.

In 1660, he was identified as a fur trader and was among those requesting more latitude in engaging Native fur brokers. In 1679, he was listed as an Albany householder. He was active on the Albany real estate market. He owned a house near the river which may have been the property "hired" by the city in 1697 and '98. His home was in the second ward.

After serving as a juror and firemaster, in 1691 he was named assistant alderman for the second ward. He was elected alderman in 1696 and served for several years. During that time, this prosperous Albany mainstay was compensated by the city for quartering soldiers and for contract services. In 1699, he was identified as an alderman when he signed a loyalty oath to the King of England.

The name of Jan Dirckse Vinhagen dropped from Albany rolls after 1709. In 1716, he was "deceased" and his widow's property was under consideration. His family remained in the city of Albany for another generation.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jan Dirckse Vinhagen is CAP biography number 3420. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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