Harman B. Visscher


Albany resident Harman B. Visscher was born in November 1700. He was the son of Bastian H. and Dirkie Teunis Visscher. He sometimes was known as Harman B. Visscher. He grew up in a large family in the home of a prominent brewer and first ward mainstay who survived until 1737. He would have shared in his father's real property holdings in the southern part of the city.

In August 1731, he married the younger Albany native Sara Wyngaert at the Albany Dutch church. By 1752, eight children had been christened at the church where he was a pewholder and occasional baptism sponsor.

In 1742, his name was included on a list of freeholders living in the third ward. However, his name was not included among the Albany freeholders identified in 1763.

In the absence of defining economic information, perhaps Harman was a brewer like his father and brother.

Assessment rolls for the mid-1760s, valued his third ward house and property substantially. His adult sons were also included (but not named) under their father's assessment. At that time, he also held a lot in the first ward (near the Beaverkill) with his brother Teunis - a prominent brewer. Another lot owned by the brothers along Foxes Creek was referenced by the city corporation in March 1768.

During a city council investigation of an election in October 1773, the board ruled that "the House where Harma Visscher lately lived is situated in the third ward."

Therefore, Harman B. Visscher was dead by October 1764. Traditional sources tell us that his wife had passed on about 1764.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Harman B. Visscher is CAP biography number 4128. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

We have not found a will for Bastian H. Visscher.

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