Harme Albertse Vedder


Harme Albertse was the first early Albany person to be identified by the surname "Vedder."

He was living in Beverwyck as early as 1657. He was known as a fur trader but his name appeared on neither of the traders' petitions sent forward in 1660.

He was married (perhaps two times) and was the father of several children (six Vedder children were alive in 1715). He made several trips back to the Netherlands. He was one of the early proprietors of Schenectady and served as schout and magistrate there as well.

He owned several houses and lots in Albany and was identified as and Albany householder in 1679. Five years later, he still owed four years of back taxes but no longer lived in Albany. He purchased and traded real estate throughout the region.

Harme Albertse Vedder was still alive in 1701 but dead by 1715 when his property was discussed by the Albany city council.

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