Bastian Harmanse Visscher


Bastian Harmense probably was born within a few years of 1660. He may have been the fourth of seven sons of Albany residents Harmen Bastiaense and Hester Dircks Visscher.

By 1684, he had married Dirckje Teunis. By 1710, seven children had been christened at the Albany Dutch church where he was a long time member and frequent baptism sponsor.

Bastian Harmense was a brewer whose home was in Albany's first ward. He served on juries and as a firemaster. He also was a member of an Albany militia company.

In 1699, he joined his neighbors in pledging allegiance to the king of England. In 1720, his name was included on a roster of freeholders in the first ward. In 1702, his home was accorded a substantial assessment. In 1709, two of his properties were considered on the city assessment roll. He also owned a pasture lot near the "old fort."

Bastian Harmense Visscher died in April 1737 and was buried from his church. In 1747, the property of his heirs was referenced in the will filed by Elbert Gerritse.

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