Children of Dirck & Christina Wesselse


The marriage of Dirck Wesselse and Christina Van Buren produced thirteen children between about 1660 and 1689. All but two of them survived, married, and raised their own families. The survivors are mentioned in his will filed in 1715. However, this Ten Broeck household was only slightly larger than the typical contemporary Albany city family.

The parents married about 1660. Click on each name to see what happened to the children.

Wessel (eldest)
Elsie (about 1665)
Catharina (about 1666)
Cornelia (about 1669)
Geertruy (about 1670)
Elizabeth (early 1670s)
Christina (about 1672)
Lydia (1670s)
Samuel (1680)
Johannes (about 1683)
twins - Ephraim and Manasse (1686)
Tobias (1689)

A surprising number of early Albany families experienced more than ten live births. These Ten Broecks are remarkable in that eleven of thirteen were able to continue the family cycle for another generation. Marriage and family life are central themes guiding the work of the Colonial Albany Social History Project.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The Ten Broeck family history is quite well documented. Chief among family historians was Emma Ten Broeck Runk who produced a landmark work more than a hundred years ago! Our work on the family is derived further from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 4/10/06