Richard S. Treat


Richard S. Treat was born in August 1769. He was the son of New York City residents Joseph and Elizabeth Woodruff Bryant Treat. His Pennsylvania-born and Princeton-educated father was a Presbyterian minister. He was almost always referred to as "Richard S." perhaps to distinguish him from a number of same-named contemporaries - one of whom would reside with the Shakers in Watervliet.

In 1794, he married Gertrude Stringer, daughter of a prominent Albany physician. By 1802, the marriage had produced five children.

Treat was an Albany-based attorney, jurist, and city official of some note over a four-decade career. We seek information on his training and precise experience.

In 1797, he was identified as a lieutenant in the militia company of his neighbor, John H. Wendell.

Beginning in 1799, his holdings in the third and second ward were valued on city assessment rolls. In 1800, his third ward household was configured on the Albany census.

Beginning in 1813, he was listed in the city directory at 85 then 309 North Market Street. That would have been the small (office) building adjoining the grand double house of his father-in-law. He continued to practice law from there for the remainder of his life.

In 1825, he witnessed the will of his close neighbor and relative-by-marriage, Stephen Lush.

Richard S. Treat died in May 1837 at the age of sixty-eight.

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first posted: 4/30/09