Hezekiah Tracy


Family-based sources tell us that one-time Albany resident Hezekiah Tracy was born in May 1771. He was the son of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Pettis Tracy of Norwich, Connecticut. With at least another same-named contemporary, the father of this subject appears to have been a Patriot soldier who lost his wife in 1791 and died in Norwich in 1817.

In January 1791, this subject appears (given as "Gurdon Tracy" in the Franklin, CT Congregational church records) to have married Massachusetts native Eunice Packard, daughter of a newcomer Albany carpenter. The union produced two children - born in 1798 and '99. However, the marriage would not be a long one as Eunice Tracy died in 1801.

By the end of century, Tracy had settled in Albany. In 1799, his personal property was assessed perhaps under the second ward home of James Cassidy. His widowed mother was taxed (personal property only) at that location as well. In 1800, Hezekiah was identified as head of that household which included a boy under ten and a couple born between 1756 and 1774.

After that, his name has not yet been encountered during our sweeps of community and Internet based resources.

After little more than a decade in Albany, traditional sources state that he returned Connecticut. While not actively pursuing it, we still welcome information on his subsequent life.

Hezekiah Tracy is said to have died in Norwich in July 1829.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Hezekiah Tracy has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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