Harmanus Ten Eyck


Harmanus Ten Eyck was born in January 1750. He was the last child born to the marriage of Albany natives Jacob H. and Anna Wendell Ten Eyck. He grew up in a wealthy merchant's home in the second ward. He was an Albany mainstay for over fifty years and the only significant member of his large Albany family to be named "Harmanus" - the name of his maternal grandfather.

In March 1776, he married Albany native Margarita Bleecker at the Albany Dutch church. By 1798, the marriage had produced ten children who were christened in Albany where both parents were members and occasional baptism sponsors.

Harmanus Ten Eyck was a merchant and real estate trader who, after a time in the first ward, set up his home on Pearl Street. In 1776, he was called a skipper when he witnessed the will of an Albany neighbor. He was particularly active in buying and selling city lots. In 1790, his household was served by two slaves - who he later freed. By 1813, he had settled at what became 362 North Market Street and lived there for the rest of his life.

In 1776 and again in 1788, he served as a firemaster. In 1781, he was identified as a chimney viewer. However, except for the occasional payment of his account by the city, he does not appear to have been as publicly active as other merchants of his standing.

Especially during the 1790s and early 1800s, he bought and sold lots all around Albany. In August 1797, a great fire destroyed his stables in Middle Lane. He also traded in land beyond the city limits.

Harmanus Ten Eyck died in 1828. His will passed probate in March. His widow survived at 362 North Market Street until 1834.

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