Zachariah Sickles


Albany resident Zachariah Sickles was born before 1755. We believe his same-named ancestors were Albany residents at one time. A number of men named Zachariah Sickles lived in the region and beyond during the second half of the eighteenth century.

This individual seems to have appeared on the Albany community landscape during the mid-1770s. Family business, wartime flight, or military service would be likely reasons for his coming to Albany.

In June 1777, he married Catharina Sheers (Sears) at the Albany Dutch church. By 1793, four children had been christened there. In 1786, he supported funding for a second minister at the Albany church.

In August 1778, his name appeared on a roster of tradesmen and artifacers employed by the Quartermaster General at Albany. He was identified as the "storekeeper." His service to the revolutionary cause qualified him for a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment. A number of additional service senarios for this named individual are available.

In 1778, he signed at least two community-based petitions addressed to the governor. In March 1779, his third ward real property was valued on the Albany assessment roll. In October of that year, his holdings were listed twice - perhaps encompassing three total parcels.

In January 1783, local newspapers advertized various items he had for sale "Near the Dutch church." The advertisement noted that he offered "A general assortment of DRY GOODS; Variety of elegant Calicoes and Chintzes; German and Common Steel, Iron Potts and Kettels, Spirts [sic] (Jamaica) and W.I. Rum. Cash Morris's, Bank Depreciation, or Pickering's Notes, Contractors Due Bills, or Country Produce, Highest Price in Cash for Wheat."

However, his name did not appear on the city assessment roll in 1788. In 1790, six Zachariahs were listed on the first Federal census of heads of households in New York State - none in Albany or Watervliet. But, by 1799, his third ward property was valued on the Albany assessment roll. In 1800 and in 1810, his third ward household was configured on the Albany census. Assessment rolls from those years valued his Dock Street property modestly.

In 1813 and afterwards, he was listed in the city directories as a shoemaker at 8 Dock Street.

After the early 1820s, his name no longer appeared in Albany city directories. At this point, we cannot say whether this individual simply passed on or whether he removed from Albany.

A Zachariah Sickles died 15 Jun 1839 at Chittenango NY at the age of 92. He was called a Revolutionary War soldier.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of this Zachariah Sickles is CAP biography number 7066. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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