Zachariah Sickles


Zachariah Sickles probably was born during the early 1700s. Perhaps he was the son of Lambert Sickles - a son of Zacharias of Albany. A number of men named Zachariah Sickles lived in Albany during its first two hundred years.

In July 1728, he married Anna Wyndard (Wyngaert) at the Albany Dutch church. By 1745, at least ten children had been christened in the Albany church by the time his wife was buried from there in August 1746.

In July 1731, he witnessed the will of Albany businessman Johannes Beekman, Jr.

Beginning in 1734, he was paid by the city of Albany to ring the bell, call the hour, and "keep night watch." He was on the city rolls at least into 1741.

In November 1745, Thomas Floyd rented a house from Thomas Ryckman. It was located on the dock near Gansevoort's point. He was to be charged the rental rate formerly paid by "Zecharia Haas." Perhaps that entry inferred that Zachariah Sickles had passed on as no further references were made to him in the city records. However, it also may have meant that this Zachariah Sickles had left Albany.

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