Teunis Slingerland


Teunis Slingerland was born in October 1757. He was the first-born son of Abraham and Rebecca Viele Slingerland. He grew up with four younger brothers on a Rensselaerswyck farm located south of the city of Albany. As a number of same-named contemporaries are at risk in greater Albany County, we exercise caution in the assignment of qualitative lifecourse information.

In April 1779, he (Theunis Abr.) married Albany native Margarita Hansen at the Albany Dutch church. By 1786, the marriage had produced four children. In April 1791, perhaps this "Teunis Slingerland" married again - this time to Maria "Malice/Neulie" at St. Peter's Episcopal church. If so, by 1793, that marriage appears to have produced two additional children.

Coming of age at the end of the 1770s, we expect to be able to further document his wartime experiences. Afterwards, he was accorded a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment. However, the name of a "Teunis A. Slingerland" appeared on the roster of the Third Albany County Militia Regiment and was identified as a "Captain." Perhaps, still a different "Tunis Slingerland" (maybe a son) was associated with a loyalist regiment.

In July 1784, he was among the five sons and two daughters who joined their mother as heirs in the will filed by Abraham Slingerland, who identified himself at that time as a Rensselaerswyck yeoman. Abraham was dead by January 1786 and "Tunis" was to receive a share of the residual estate following the death of his mother.

On several occasions in 1785, Teunis was paid from the city treasury.

In 1790, three individuals named "Teunis Slingerland" were identified as heads of Watervliet households.

Tunis was listed on a cumulative roster of the Albany Mechanics Society from the first quarter of the nineteenth century.

However, in 1800, the third ward household of Teunis Slingerland included five people who may fit the ages of this individual and his family.

In 1802, Tunis Slingerland advertized that he kept furniture made by John Meads at his shop on Market Street. In 1813, the home of merchant "Tunis Slingerland" was listed in the first city directory at 55 Market Street in the city's north end.

We seek defining information on the subsequent life and passing of the Albany resident named Teunis Slingerland. With many questions remaining, we move on for now.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Teunis Slingerland is CAP biography number 5444. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Internet sweep: 5/13/12. But see BBEx, (p.7).

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