Lancaster Symes. Jr.


Lancaster Symes. Jr. probably was born in New York within a few years of 1700. He was named for a British provincial officer (his father) who died in Albany in 1729. His mother may have been the widow Catherine De Hart Larkins who married Lancaster Symes in 1694. We seek defining information on this subject's birth.

At this point, we are experiencing difficulty differentiating the public careers of the Lancaster Symeses in eighteenth century New York. (Military officer? landholder? officer at St. Peter's in Albany in 1725) His father is said to have died in 1729.

In January 1729, this Anglo American married Albany native and minister's daughter Margarita Lydius at the Albany Dutch church. His son and namesake was christened in Albany that November. The marriage also produced two surviving daughters who married prominent provincial personages.

Stating that he was a "gentleman" of New York, Lancaster Symes filed a will in March 1741. His wife was not named but he devised his estate to his three living children - reserving a nominal bequest for his eldest (only) son Lancaster. Dr. Jacob Roseboom of Albany (husband of his wife's sister) was named co-executor and his son John Roseboom was named contingent beneficiary along with the children of his wife's brother John Henry Lydius.

Widower of an Albany native, Lancaster Symes. Jr. is said to have died in 1756.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Lancaster Symes. Jr. has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. See Edmund B. O'Callaghan on this individual.

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