John Shepherd
Stefan Bielinski

John Shepherd was born before 1750. He arrived in Albany during the 1770s and was the kinsman of cutler William Shepherd. In 1779, he was identified as a householder in the first ward. Later, he boarded with William Shepherd also in the first ward.

A number of resources connect "John Shepherd" with the crusade for American liberties. The Albany resident was accorded a bounty right in connection with the First Regiment of the Albany County Militia. In 1781, he was called before the Albany Commissioners on Conspiracies to testify aganst a neighbor accused of exchange violations.

He was married to Elizabeth and owned several parcels of real estate within the city of Albany including a large lot on the corner of Hudson and Green Streets.

In 1781, he was identified as a merchant and was among a group of newcomers empowered to conduct business when he purchased the freedom of the city. At one time, he was the partner of grocer/victualler John C. Fredenrich. In 1790, he was counted in the census under the first ward household of William Shepherd.

John Shepherd's will was written in 1791 while he was in Philadelphia. It identified Elizabeth as his only heir. He died in Albany in March 1797 and was buried in the Presbyterian church cemetery plot. He was three months beyond his forty-eighth birthday!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Shepherd is CAP biography number 2460. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Apparently, his marriage was childless. We seek information on his origins and on a possible connection to Philadelphia!

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first posted: 12/15/02