Johannes Schuyler, Jr.
Stefan Bielinski

Johannes Schuyler, Jr. was born in October 1697. He was the third child of business and civic leader Johannes Schuyler and the widow Elsie Staats Wendell Schuyler. He grew up in the Schuyler family home and probably on both family homes along with a dozen siblings from his mother's first and second marriages. To prevent confusion, he sometimes was known as "Johannes Schuyler, Jr."

Johannes Jr. married Cornelia Van Cortlandt at the New York City Dutch church in 1723. The union brought a large dowry and substantial inheritance from one of the wealthiest families in the province. Cornelia and Johannes had ten children.Johannes Schuyler, Jr. All of their births were inscribed in his bible that survives in the collection of the Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site.

He followed his father into frontier and farm business and to lucrative government contracts. He even added acreage to his family's already extensive holdings. During the 1730s, he was appointed to the Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs.

In 1739, his father deeded him the family farm at the Flats. By the time he turned forty, Johannes had emerged as the most likely man to lead the Albany Schuyler family. He was elected first ward alderman in 1738 and 1739. The governor of New York appointed him mayor of Albany in September 1740. He was the fifth and last Schuyler to hold that leadership post. He was re-nominated in 1741 but did not take the oath of allegiance required of officeholders.

Johannes Schuyler, Jr. had become ill. Stating he was sick, Johannes filed his will in October 1741. It left the entire estate to Cornelia - including the property she had inherited from her father, as long as she remained a widow. She was charged with the education of their children. After her death, the estate would be divided among their five living children. He died on November 5, 1741 at age forty-four. He was buried in the family plot at Schuyler Flats.


the people of colonial AlbanyThe life of Johannes Schuyler Jr. is CAP biography number 1428. This profile is derived chiefly from community-based resources and from Christoph's Schuyler Genealogy - the most comprehensive source of reliable demographic information. Also important is Don R. Gerlach, Philip Schuyler and the American Revolution in New York, 1733-1777 (Lincoln, NE, 1964).

Portrait by an unknown limner (or possibly by) Nehemiah Partridge) about 1725. It resides in the Collection of the New-York Historical Society. This image has been reproduced widely in a number of formats.

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