Jacobus Sharp


Jacobus Sharp was born in August 1722 and baptized in the Albany Dutch church He was the eldest son of Thomas and Mary De Warran Sharp. He grew up in the modest Albany home of a barber and placeman.

In July 1754, he was left a large bequest in the will filed by an Albany neighbor. The testator stated that Jacobus had served and helped him during his illness.

His wife may have been Anna Mc Ginnis. In October 1763, their daughter was christened at the Albany Dutch church where the parents witnessed at least another baptism in 1767. The "James Sharpe" who married widow Hannah Wendell in March of 1763 probably was a different individual.

Jacobus Sharp was in jail when his father wrote out his will in March 1771. It left him ten pounds as his birthright but left the rest of Thomas Sharp's estate to his three living daughters. The father explained that he had supported Jacobus and forgave the son's accumulated debts to him. Thomas Sharp was dead by October 6, 1773 when his will passed probate.

In October 1765, the city treasurer paid the bill "James Sharp" had submitted for more than thirty-four pounds.

In 1766 and 1767, the property of Jacob Sharp was noted on assessment rolls for the West Manor. In 1767, the house of "James Sharpe" was shown on a map of houses located along the river and north of Albany.

Jacobus's name first appeared on Albany assessment rolls in 1779 when his first ward holdings were valued in conjunction with those of his sisters.

In 1779, he signed a community-based petition on behalf of a local horse thief. After the war, several same-named individuals were accorded militia-based land bounty rights. Otherwise, we seek information on his activities during the era of the American Revolution.

In 1788, he was identified as the principal owner of a house and property in the first ward in association with his sisters. In 1790, his household included three women and a slave. A decade later, his household had shrunk to only one sister and a slave.

Chruch records noted that "Jacobus Sharp's sister" was buried in August 1802. Jacobus Sharp died in February 1804 and was buried from the Dutch church.

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