Isabella Seaton Henry


Isabella Seaton (often Seton) was born after 1750. She probably was the daughter of Scottish emigres Andrew and Margaret Seton who settled on Long Island during the 1760s. These Setons were British sympathizers but raised a large family in a number of North American locations - finally moving south and settling in Florida where Isabella's father and mother died in 1794 and 1818 respectively.

Isabella (or sometimes "Elizabeth") was the wife of Albany businessman Robert R. Henry. Perhaps they married in New York City in April 1794. In 1799, their child was christened at the Albany Presbyterian church where he was a member and trustee (1807-15). Reportedly, they raised a large family. Henry's brother married Isabella's sister, Charlotte Seaton.

In December 1799, Isabella and her husband sold land located in Stillwater (Saratoga County) to Phynn & Ellice - former Schenectady merchants.

For almost two decades, these Henrys were prominent North Market Street residents and Isabella's husband was an up-and-coming merchant and trader.

About 1815, Henry re-located his family to the American South and were living in Georgia in 1820. Robert R. Henry died in Savannah Georgia in 1851. We seek information on the later life and passing of Isabella Seaton Henry.

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first posted: 7/20/09