Elizabeth Symes Frelinghuysen


Elizabeth Symes was born in November 1736. She was the daughter of Lancaster and Margarita Lydius Symes. Her father was a Manhattan-based businessman with ties back to Albany. Elizabeth probably grew up in New York.

In March 1741, she was named along with her brother and sister as heirs in the will filed by her father. Her Albany-born mother was not mentioned in the will.

In January 1756, she married Domine Theodorus Frelinghuysen, Jr. They made their home in Albany where he was pastor of the Dutch church. The marriage produced two daughters.

Following Frelinghuysen's death (probably in 1759), she married Peter Roosevelt of New York in 1762. Their son was born in April1763 but Roosevelt already had died at the young age of twenty-nine. In October 1770, Elizabeth married widower William Lupton. By 1777, her third marriage had produced five more children.

After Frelinghuysen's death, she probably left Albany - making her Albany residence a short three years. She probably lived the remainder of her life in New York and its environs.

Prominent Manhattanite William Lupton lived until 1796. Elizabeth Symes Frelinghuysen Roosevelt Lupton died in December 1801 at the age of sixty-five.

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