Anna Schuyler De Peyster
Stefan Bielinski

Anna Schuyler was born in 1697. She was the only child of Albany natives Myndert and Rachel Cuyler Schuyler

Anna was three months shy of her nineteenth birthday when she married newcomer Johannes De Peyster in 1715. The new couple moved into the State Street home of John's uncle and resided there for the rest of their lives. After several early deaths, Anna's four later children were born there between 1723 and 1739.

Anna lived the life of the wife of a civic leader. She stood up as godmother at several family baptisms and was named co-executor of her father's estate in 1739. Her last child was born that year when she was forty-two years old.

Anna Schuyler De Peyster died in September 1750 at age fifty-three. She was buried under the Albany Dutch church. Her husband survived her by more than forty years.



the people of colonial Albany The life of Anna Schuyler De Peyster is CAP biography number 932. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Anna's grandson, John De Peyster Douw, lived in the house at 78 State Street until his death in 1836.

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