Abraham Staats
Stefan Bielinski

Abraham Staats was born in Holland about 1618. His parents were Isaac Staats and Sara Lauwers of Amsterdam. He came to New Netherland in 1642. He was the founder of the Staats family of early Albany and its environs.

Before leaving for New Netherland, he had married baker's daughter Tryntie Wessels. The marriage produced at least seven children including a namesake - with whom his life is sometimes confused. By the 1660s, he had become a member and officer of the Albany Dutch church.

At the time of his arrival, he was identified as a twenty-four-year-old surgeon employed by the Van Rensselaers under a six-year contract. He served as such during the 1640s. During that time, his house was located within Fort Orange. Then, he was a householder and prominent fur trader in Beverwyck and then Albany.

In 1664, Abraham Staats was among those New Netherlanders who took the oath of allegiance to England. He was listed with Albany householders in 1679. His home was on the east side of Market and State Streets - south of the brewery. He owned several other parcels in Albany, an island near Castleton called "Staats Island," and extensive acreage in the vicinity of Claverack. He skippered a yacht on the Hudson and served as a magistrate. He also was referred to as "Major."

Abraham Staats filed a will in April 1683. It named his wife and then six living children as his heirs. The patriarch was dead by October 1694 when the will passed probate. His widow survived for another decade.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Abraham Staats is CAP biography number 4545. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. The basic biographical sketch apprears in VRBM, 828.

During the 1650s, his nautical skills were employed against the Swedes in what became Delaware.

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