Susanna Roseboom Truax


Susanna Roseboom was born in June 1733. She was the daughter of Hendrick and Cathalina Schuyler Roseboom. She was one of their six children christened at the Albany Dutch church between 1729 and 1745.

However, her father died in 1746 leaving Susanna's mother to carry on in their Albany home until her bachelor brother came of age about 1760. In 1769, she was identified in the will filed by Hendrick H. Roseboom.

In April 1755, she had married Isaac I. Truax at the Dutch church in Schenectady. By 1773,eight children had been christened in Schenectady. As early as 1757, Susanna was identifed as a pewholder in the Albany Dutch church.

Susanna's Truax family may have made its home in Albany (perhaps in Roseboom's house) although her husband, "Isaac I." Truax, probably would not survive much beyond the start of the War for Independence.

In March 1779, the widow Truax and her son were assessed on the third ward tax list. In 1788 "Susanna Truax:" was identified as the owner of the third ward home with the personal property of her sons, Isaac I. Truax (1759-1812) and Henry (1761-1834) valued under her roof.

By 1790, recently married Henry Truax was listed on the census as the head of that household with his mother accounted for along with his new wife. By 1799, Susanna had left for her own house on Pearl Street where the second ward assessment roll accounted for her personal property as well. The census in 1800 showed her alone in the house although it was served by four slaves. In 1811, Susanna freed her two female slaves. In April 1798, she had deeded an Albany lot to her son Isaac.

By 1810, her household had dropped from the Albany census. Perhaps she had moved in with her youngest son, Cornelis.

Susanna Roseboom Truax died in July 1813 and appears to have been buried in Schenectady. She had lived eighty years.

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