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Based on subsequent information, Albany resident John Randall (sometimes Randel) was born about 1754. Several same-named individuals were active in the Northeast during his lifetime. Perhaps (but probably not), he was the "John Randall" born in Stonington, Connecticut in March 1754. We seek definitive information on his origins and path to Albany.

Perhaps, he was the "John Randel" who served in the second regiment of the New York Line during the War for Independence. His son's biographer notes another senario for this individual's wartime experience. However, we must seek more direct corroborating evidence.

The Albany John Randall was married to the Albany brass-founder's kinswoman Catherine Fairchild. Family resources date their marriage to 1780. The marriage produced many (maybe even eleven) children. Beginning in 1786, a number of them were christened at the Albany Presbyterian church. In those records, he was identified as a brass founder and/or brazier. He also has been called a jeweller.

In 1788, he probably was a boarder in the third ward (rooming) house of Paul Hogstrasser. In 1790, and for the next two censuses, the households of "John Randall" of eleven and then nine people were configured on the census for Watervliet. His residence was on the river level road called Market Street.

From its earliest days, John Randall was a member and officer of the Albany Mechanics Society. As late as 1823, he was elected vice-president of the organization.

Beginning in 1815, city directories identified him as a brass founder who was living at 107 North Market Street. During John Sr's. lifetime, his famous son maintained a residence at 168 North Market. John Randall, Jr., produced (among many others) a map of Philip Schuyler's Albany property at the request of Schuyler's heirs during 1808-09. In 1813, John Jr. commissioned Ezra Ames to paint his father's portrait.

John Randall (the elder) died in October 1823 at the age of sixty-nine. His widow lived another thirteen years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Randall has not been assigned a CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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