Hendrick Roseboom


Hendrick Roseboom probaly was born in September 1739. He was the son of Hendrick H. and Cathalina Schuyler Roseboom. His father probably was the Hendrick Roseboom who died in 1746 - leaving his mother with young children including an infant. His mother appears to have survived at least thru the 1760s.

This "Hendrick Roseboom" does not appear to have married. A Henry Roseboom of Albany filed a will in Albany in May 1769. It mentioned neither wife nor children. The will named his mother, "Cathalina Maebie" (perhaps but not definitely Catharina Schuyler mentioned above), his sister Susanna Truax, and her sons (the testator's nephews) as his heirs. It was recorded on May 31, 1790.

This Hendrick Roseboom may have been an Albany resident. Perhaps, he was a city householder who served the American cause during the War for Independence. However, because several same-named individuals were living in the Albany area during those years, we hesitate to assign existing qualitative information.

A Hendrick Roseboom was listed on the Albany census in the first ward in 1790. That unspecified individual also appeared on assessment rolls during those years.

Corroborating information is needed to link him to the Hendrick H. Roseboom whose will was probated in May 1790.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Hendrick Roseboom is CAP biography number 1663. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 6/15/09