Christopher Ruby


Subsequent resources tell us that Albany resident Christopher Ruby (aka Johan Christopher "Roube") was christened at St. Peter's in October 1771. Thus, he was the son of Conrad and Sara Hawke Ruby. He grew up in his father's house which stood near the northern city line of today's Clinton Avenue. Conrad Ruby was dead by 1800 when the second ward household of widow "Sarah Ruby" was configured on the city census.

In December 1794, he married Catharina Cadogen at the Albany Lutheran church where he was a member, pewholder, and trustee. The Rubys were prominent Lutherans. The marriage may have produced seven children.

Like his father, Christopher invested in real estate. "Ruby Alley" which straddled the city line near their home recognized the locale's outstanding personages. Beginning in 1794, he moved to purchase lots on the south side of Lumber Street which then was in Watervliet. At that time, he was identified as a cooper.

In 1800, the census for Watervliet counted the Christopher, his wife, and three children under ten.

Beginning in 1815, the city directory first listed him as a grocer at 128 North Market Street. In 1815, he was identified as an assistant alderman in the fifth ward. In 1820, the directory identified Christopher Ruby as a justice and grocer located at 117 North Market Street. As late as 1830, Christopher Ruby was listed in the city directory as a grocer at corner of North Market and Lumber Streets.

At various times during those years, he seems to have stood for a number of local offices and in 1824 was an unsuccessful candidate (he received one vote) "from Colonie" for the New York State Assembly.

Christopher Ruby was dead by December 1833 when his will passed probate.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Christopher Ruby has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Verbatim summary of relevant real estate transactions in the collections of the Schenectady County Historical Society:

D 229 21 March 1795 Isaac D Fonda and John Fonda, Jr. to Christopher Ruby, Albany, Cooper Land in Town of Watervliet see D 227; D 230; D 254
D 230 22 December 1794 Isaac D Fonda and John Fonda, Jr., Albany to Jachius Hastins, Watervliet Lot# 4 N of Lumber Street.
D 254 21 March 1795 Isaac D Fonda, John Fonda, Jr. , Albany to Christopher Ruby, Cooper, Albany (see D 227; D 229; D 230) 11 December 1794 Ruby sells it all back to Isaac D Fonda and John Fondey, Junior. /
D 272 20 December 1794 Isaac D Fonda, John Fondey, Jr. of Albany to Philip E DeForest, Albany Land in Watervliet on N Lumber St. Lot# 8. /
D 274 22 December 1794 Isaac D Fonda and John Fonda, Jr., Albany to Jacheus Hastings of Watervliet Land in Watervliet Lot# 4 on N side of Lumber St. Mentions: Cornelius Van Vechten /
D 275 15 July 1794 Lewis Vielen, John Vielen of Schagtikook; John Quackenbush and wife Jannitie of Cambridge, NY; Peter A Slingerland and wife Maria of Half Moon; William Waldron and wife Margaret of Half Moon; John Vander Weken of Half Moon; Albert Slingerland, Watervliet, trustees for Maritie Slingeland, wife of Gerrit W Van Wie to Isaac D Fonda and John Fondey, Jr. of Albany House and lot in Watervliet]

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