Maria Post Bradt Corbett
Stefan Bielinski

According to family-based resources, Maria Post was born in Recife, Brazil in 1646 or 1649. She was the daughter of Dutch ancestry emigres Adrian and Clara Mookers Post. In 1650, the family migrated to New Netherland.

Her first husband was Jan Albertse Bradt. These Bradts were married about 1674 and resided in Albany and just outside the North Gate. That marriage produced ten children before Jan Albertse's death in 1697. In 1697, whe was identified as "Jan Bratt's Widow" and the head of an Albany household that included five children.

In November 1699, she re-married in Albany - by local justices under the auspices of the Albany Dutch church - where she had been a member for many years. Her second husband was Englishman Edward Corbett (Carbet).

The name of Maria Post Bradt Corbett dropped from Albany rolls following the marriage!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Maria Post Bradt Corbett is CAP biography number 2221. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Substantial family material has been presented by Olive Tree Genealogy.

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first posted: 1/10/05