John Price
Stefan Bielinski

John Price was an officer in the garrison at the Albany fort during the first part of the eighteenth century. In 1732, he was deceased but was identified as "late of Albany!"

In 1711, provincial military records identified "Mr. Price" as a lieutenant who had been sent from Europe for an expedition. In June 1725, he was commissioned lieutenant of fusileers in place of Philip Schuyler who had died.

He was married to Mary - who was a widow by March 1732. They had several children including Mary, Elizabeth, and probably John - who became a prominent Albany resident.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Price/Prys is CAP biography number 1961. This sketch is derived chiefly from external records resources. Unlike most other garrison officers who stayed in Albany, his name is absent from the basic community record. At this time, we could find no additional information about this individual among the "John Price" material on the Internet.

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first posted: 4/30/03