Jeremiah Pemberton
Stefan Bielinski

Jeremiah Pemberton was born about 1700.

In January 1723, he married Albany native Maria Bradt at the Loonenburgh Lutheran church. Between 1730 and 1735, five of their children were baptized in the Albany Dutch church where his family received services.

Jeremiah Pemberton derived at least some of his income from the city of Albany. In 1723 and later, he was identified as the "bellman" and was paid for his services. He also was paid for cutting wood and for taking down fences. In 1725, he was appointed constable in the second ward. The next year he was made high constable. In 1751, he was one of those who purchased (leased) the ferry for a year.

In 1730, he purchased a lot on the plain in the first ward for 45 pounds.

Jeremiah Pemberton died sometime after March 1751. By that time, his only surviving son, William, had become head of the Albany Pemberton family.



the people of colonial Albany The life of Jeremiah Pemberton is CAP biography number 1040. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Perhaps he was the son of William Pemberton who was a soldier in the garrison companies and who was identified as "sick" in 1702 and/or was the brazier who was made a freeman of New York City in 1702! See SH, 2:476, 479. His family does not appear to be directly related to the Pembertons who settled in Albany after 1800!

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