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In 1800, the household of one "Augustin Pappison/Papacin" (aka Walter Augustus) was configured on the Federal Census of the city of Albany in the second ward. We have led with the name given above as it is the form used in our strongest Albany-based record. At this point, we are only certain that his initials were A.P. or W.A.P.

Not yet fully documented (but resources have told us that Augustin Pappison was born in Nice, France in 1755. With both names spelled variously, we seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany. However, an admirable profile on him was compiled/developed by the late Estelle Jones Barger and is reproduced below.

In January 1794, he is said to have married one "Abigail Lazador" - a much younger native of Maryland - perhaps at the Methodist church on John Street in New York City. A number of their children were born in New York, Tennessee, and Alabama until about 1817.

In 1799, the assets (house, lot, and personal property) of "Augustus Pappasan" in the second ward (probably on Fox Street) were valued moderately.

Both Augustus Pappison and his wife Abigail are said to have died in Tuscaloosa Alabama in 1830.

This individual appears to have lived in Albany for a short period of time. Most of his purportedly long life unfolded beyond the parameters of our concern.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Augustin Pappison has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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Augustis Frank PAPICIN was born about 1755 in France. He died on 4 Jun 1830 in Tuscaloosa County, AL. He married Abigail LAZADOR. They were married on 25 Jan 1794 at John Street Church, New York County, NY. Marriage information to Abigail Lazador 25 Jan 1794 was found in "New York City Methodist Marriages" 1785-1893, volume 2, Index of Grooms, Compiled by William Scott Fisher, Picton Press, Camden Maine, page 485. 1994. The source given was John Street Church, volume one, 1785 - 1796. A researcher found in the 1794 New York directory-Lazadere, Abraham, Blacksmith, 8 Warren Street. Present day detailed street maps of Manhatten show both John Street (location of wedding church) and Warren Street, Abraham Lazadere's 1794 residence located near each other.

Could be Walter Augustus Papicin. He owned a tavern, and was a baker. It is believed Augustus was born in France, married, and brought his family to America, arriving in New York.

Refer to the "Papasan Story" by S.J.Munn that is in the "Descendants of Henry Oswalt and Augustus Papicin" compiled by Gus & Maxine Pfitzer.

The state archives in Albany has records of Albany county Land Transactions from 1630-1894. Augustus Papacin was engaged in five land transactions from 1798 to 1804. (spelling taken directly from the book)

Papizan is the current spelling by most and what I use in PAF

Alabama had barely become a state when the Papacin/Papizans were in the Town of Lower Tuskaloosa or Newtown buying lots. Just how many buyers there were is hard to tell. Names appearing on the deeds were Pope, Voltaire, otherwise known as Walter and Augustus Papacin. I have singled out Augustus because his children were named in his estate settlement and my second great-grandmother was his fifth child.

Old records in the Tuscaloosa area reveal several things about these entrepreneurs: According to Dockets of Tavern Licenses - 1818,Augustus bought tavern licenses for the years of 1826, 1828 and 1829. A record in OVERSEERS OF THE POOR 1818-1833, on

August 5, 1822, an orphan boy, over fourteen years of age, was bound over to Augustus to learn the art of confectionery. Also, in the listings of his estate were store fixtures which would be found in a bakery. In Mceachin's HISTORY OF TUSCALOOSA, 1816-1880, the author describes the moving of businesses from New Town to Tuscaloosa: " Papizan's Cigar Factory, which was near the ferry (a mile downstream), ceased operations." Also there were deeds in a basement of ? which showed that Leroy P Pappazin and Walter Pappazin sold land in 1848 in Tuscaloosa. He sold property to a University. Leroy had a tavern and a boy that he raised to teach.

One of the most interesting real estate purchases made by Augustus was when he bought ten acres south of the Huntsville Road, the same location that the Bear Bryant Museum is located on. Perhaps he is buried on this same property. Or, perhaps, he, his wife and son-in-law, Chapman Hopson, are buried in the old Greenwood Cemetery in Tuscaloosa.

Another interesting land holding of his was the property now home to the University of Alabama (electronic mail, Robert Laxton).

One Augustin Papacin married Abigail Lazadere/Lazadore in Manhattan, New York, January 25, 1794. Soon after that, five land transactions were carried out in Albany, New York. No other records can be found between Tuscaloosa and New York,

except for census records. His first child was born in New York, the rest were born in Tennessee. But where?

Listed in his estate settlement beginning December 1830, were his offspring: Harriett, Dianna, Maria, Leroy Pope and Walter Augustus.

All of Augustus' holdings had to be liquidated to pay on his indebtness. Having no reason to remain in Tuscaloosa, this family seems to have settled in the Concord Community in southern Fayette County, Alabama.

Harriett was born 1801 in New York. She married Henry Beard about 1835-36, probably in Fayette County. She died December 15, 1877. Both are buried at Hopewell Baptist Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama, in the Concord area.

Dianna was born about 1811 in Tennessee and died about 1849, probably in Winston County, Alabama. She first married Chapman Hopson November 18, 1830 in Tuskaloosa. Chapman died about 1833/34 and she married David Manasco of Winston County.

Benjamin Walter was born about 1814 in Tennessee and died about 1881. He married Elizabeth Black, daughter of Jacob Black. She was born January 16, 1822 and died about 1897. Marriage records for the time frame in which they were married in Fayette County, Alabama, were destroyed when the courthouse burned. This couple raised their family in the Concord Community.

Leroy Pope was born 1815 in Tennessee and lived in the Concord Community. He married Elizabeth's sister, Nancy.

Maria was born 1817 in Tennessee and died about 1852. She married Edmond Hopson July 30, 1831, in Tuskaloosa. They moved to the Concord Community soon after her father's death. Possibly, there is a family cemetery plot where Maria, Edmond, Leroy, Nancy, Walter, Elizabeth, Jacob Black and his wife are buried. Or they may be in unmarked graves in the Concord Cemetery.

The Papacin name has faded out into such names as Manasco, Oswalt, Patterson, Jones or Taylor. If you are looking for the French spelling of this grand old name, you probably will never see it again. You may find Papasan, Papisan, Papizan or other variations. Some are found in Mississippi, Arkansas and a very few in Alabama and Tennessee.

People left Fayette Co when their farms wore out from constant use without fertilizer. The coming of the boll weevil was the final straw. It is said that you could go to some houses and they would have GTT on a sign on their door. (Gone To Texas) Many, many people left Tuscaloosa and Fayette counties to seek their fortunes. Many stopped off along the way - MS, AR, OK. Another reason people moved west was because of the free land that was available to be homesteaded. Many didn't make their fortunes and soon returned.

SOURCES - (1)Deed Records in Tuscaloosa Co AL Courthouse, (2) Estate Settlement for Augustus Papacin in Tuscaloosa Co Courthouse (3)Fayette Co AL Census Records, (4)Tuscaloosa Tavern Licenses,

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