George Orian


George Orian probably was born during the third quarter of the eighteenth century. He appears to have been of African ancestry.

In April 1789, he married Elizabeth Jackson at St. Peter's Episcopal church. In September 1790, their son was christened at the Albany Dutch church where he witnessed a baptism in 1793. John and Diaan Jackson were Orien's baptism sponsors.

In 1800, George Orian was listed as the head of a second ward household on the second Federal census. His household was composed of four "other free persons" - meaning "Free Blacks." A year earlier and again in 1802, his house and lot on Maiden Lane and his store on Pearl Street were valued on the second ward assessment rolls. In each instance, his holdings included two distinct parcels - a house and a store.

George Orian's will passed probate in Albany on May 23, 1804.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of George Orian is CAP biography number 8172. This baseline sketch is derived chiefly from community-based resources. It is admittedly premature and is presented now to encourage networking of information. He may have been known by a number of surnames.

first posted: 9/20/07