Abraham Oake


Abraham Oake (or Oakey)was born about 1745. He was a prominent Albany surveyor and engineer during the first two decades of the nineteenth century. Perhaps he was the Abraham Oakey whose household was configured on the census in 1790 for the west ward of New York City. Otherwise, we seek defining information on his background and earlier life.

About 1779, he married a woman named Lucy. From the census, it seems that they raised a family. However, their names seem to be absent from the rolls of early Albany churches.

In 1799, his first ward property was valued on the Albany assessment roll. In 1800, and for the next two censuses as well, his household was configured on the census.

In 1800, he was appointed to be the first city engineer. At that time, the office may have included the title of city surveyor as well. Over the next two decades he produced a number of maps which form the basis for the "city engineer's maps" collection.

With the first city directory, Oake was listed as a surveyor living on Lutheran Street and then at 23 Sand Street. He was at that address in 1822. In 1830, an Abraham Oake was listed at a similar location and was called a clerk in the treasurer's office. Perhaps that would have been his son and namesake!

Abraham Oake died in New York in December 1833. He had lived eighty-five years. His widow passed in 1854 at the age of ninety.

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first posted: 4/10/07