Dr. William Mc Clelland
Stefan Bielinski

According to his obituary, William Mc Clelland was born in Galloway, Scotland in 1768. He was educated at "Endinburgh" and came to America at an early age!

After 1796, he married the young widow Annatie Hoffman Ten Eyck. He was a member and trustee of the First Presbyterian church where their child, "Genet," was baptized in November 1798.

He was a physician and was active in Albany medical circles. A medical colleague called him "a practical Scot." He was a member of the Albany County and New York State Medical Societies. He was president of the Albany St. Andrew's Society. He taught medical students and was associated with a number of area physicians including newly arrived William Bay, who, by 1810, was Mc Clelland's junior partner.

In 1799, his first ward property appeared on the city assessment roll. In 1800, his household included four children under ten, two males and three females (perhaps including his wife) 16-24, no women older than that, and three slaves. By 1810, the census identified three free persons of color instead of slaves in his household.

Crippled by sickness, Dr. William Mc Clelland died in January 1812 at the age of forty-three. He was buried in the Presbyterian cemetery plot. Bay carried on his practice for many years. The city directory for 1813 listed Mc Clelland's widow across town at 16 Van Tromp Street.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Dr. William Mc Clelland has not been assigned a CAP biography number. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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