Vincent Matthews
Stefan Bielinski

Vincent Matthews was the son of Colonel Peter and Bridget Matthews. He probably was born in New York during the 1690s. In 1709, he was identified as "a boy" and "not fit" to accompany his father on an expedition against Canada. But five years later, he was identified as a private in his father's company then on duty at Coxsackie.

He grew up in Albany where he supported the building of St. Peter's Anglican church in 1714. He was involved in litigation before the Albany court in 1718.

In 1721, he was identified as the only son and named co-executor of his mother's estate. Bridget moted that Vincent had been gifted substantially by his father at the time of his marriage - meaning that he married before Peter Matthews died in 1719.

He ultimately settled on land in Orange County originally patented by his father. He built a mill at Salisbury in 1721. In 1736, he was appointed Orange County Clerk. In 1738, he was colonel of the Orange County Company of foot. He continued to patent land in the Hudson Valley.

By 1723, he had married Catalina Abeel - the daughter of a one-time mayor of Albany, and then a resident of Westenhook in what became Columbia County. The marriage produced seven children before Catalina's death. By 1754, he had re-married. His second wife was Elizabeth Wileman of Ulster County.

Vincent Matthews filed a will in March 1783. It stated that he then was of "Matthewsfield, Connecticut. It mentioned his land in the Westenhook Patent, in Connecticut, and elsewhere. He died in 1784.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Vincent Matthews is CAP biography number 685. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. A biographical profile is printed in NYCD, vol. 8, p. 449.

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