Simon Myer


In 1771, Simon Myer or possibly "Seymour Johnson Meyers" rented business space in the Southside Albany establishment of Benjamin Hilton. Meyers advertised fabrics, spoons, Maieira, Tea, vinegar, and spices for sale in the short-lived Albany Gazette.

In 1766, an individual listed simply (no first name or additional information) as "Myers" owned a house in Albany's first ward and was taxed at the minimum rate of one pound. Beyond that, he has not been referenced in our ongoing sweep of the community-based record.

Perhaps this Albany resident had been born in New York City in December 1749 and had married Cornelia Thorn of Dutchess County in August 1774. By that time

Perhaps he was connected to Felix Myer who was identified as "of Albany" when he married in 1769 at the Albany Anglican church.

In 1770, Simon was identified as one of the three sons of Andrew Myer, Jr. and his wife, Susanna, in the will of another family member.

In 1775, he may have been living in Northeast precinct, Dutchess County. He may have served in the Revolutionary army from Dutchess County.

This individual had only a brief residence in pre-war Albany. We seek information on his origins and path to Albany, later life, and passing. In other words, who was "Seymour Johnson Meyers" who was doing business in Albany in 1771?

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of bioname is CAP biography number 1123. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. A Simon Johnson Myer died in Red Hook [?] in July 1821.

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