John Marselis, Jr.


John Marselis, Jr. was born in December 1727. He was the son of Schenectady residents Myndert and Feytie Oothout Marselis. He probably was called John Jr. to prevent confusion with his uncle and later with John G. Marselis. This sketch strives to reconstruct his life story accurately by relying on information related to the Albany resident known mostly as "John Marselis, Jr."

About 1755, he married Neeltie Gardinier. By 1762, three children reflecting the distinctive names of the grandparents had been christened at the Albany Dutch church. He may have re-married in 1770 and may have fathered more children.

John Marselis, Jr. lived in the second ward. Assessment rolls from 1779 on valued his shop and lot on Pearl Street. Perhaps he was the Albany silversmith who had married Margarita Vandenbergh in 1770. We believe that he was among the Albany traders who petitioned the royal government in 1764.

Except for one account for services in 1775, his name seems to be absent from the records of wartime Albany. But a "John Marselis Jr. was named on the roster of mostly Albany men serving under the Quartermaster General in August 1778. That individual was called "Issuer of Wood and Clerk to B. M. Genl."

During the 1780s, he was involved in a number of community-based activities including heading a group of sixty-four petitioners who asked for Maiden Lane to be extended through the Episcopal burying ground in February 1786.

In 1790, his home included three females. His household was configured on the census in 1800. John Marselis, Jr. was last heard from in 1802. He is said to have died on April 25, 1803. We seek more definitive information his passing.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John Marselis, Jr. is CAP biography number 736. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. See interesting (and possibly conflicting) information presented in a transcription of a Marselis family bible.

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