Eva Marselis Roseboom


Eva Marselis was christened on January 1, 1726. She was the daughter of Albany residents Johannes and Johanna Beekman Marselis. Their first ward home included several future Albany residents. Her father died in 1746 but her mother appears to have survived at least into the 1760s.

Her husband was Johannes M. Roseboom. The marriage appears to have been childless. However, she was a contributor to and an occasional baptism sponsor at the Albany Dutch church.

Without children of their own, these Rosebooms may have lived with family members until Johannes was identified as a householder on city assessment rolls from the 1760s and '70s.

In 1766, she was named in the will filed by her brother. In 1769, she was named to share in the estate of her widowed mother.

Johannes Mynders and Eva lived in a comfortable house near the river until April 1783 when Roseboom died from "a stone" according to his friend, Domine Westerlo.

In 1788, widow Eva was listed as the owner of the house in the third ward. In 1790, her household was tended by three slaves. In 1800, she was alone in the house with two slaves and an unrelated free person. In 1804, she promised to free her slave "Peter" upon her death. By March 31, 1811, Peter had been freed.

Widow Eva Marselis Roseboom probably was dead by or before 1810.

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