Christopher Monk
Stefan Bielinski

Christopher Monk was born about 1768. We seek information on his origins and path to Albany. Allowing for variable spellings, perhaps this individual had German or New England (where a number of generations featured that name) roots.

In 1790, the census showed his family of six members was living in Watervliet, near the home of William Monk and probably in a location south of the city of Albany.

By 1810, he was married to Christiana Flagg of Schenectady and raising a family that included seven children in an Albany household. A year later, he was identified as a member of the First Lutheran Church.

From 1813 until his death, he was listed in city directories at various Albany locations. Most of the time, he was identified as a cartman. For several years, he lived on Pine Street and upper Maiden Lane. In 1820, his address on the "Southside" was given as "corner of Green and Hamilton."

Christopher Monk died in September 1825 at the age of fifty-seven. He was characterized as "a very worthy citizen" and was buried from the Albany Lutheran Ebenezer Church. His widow lived on Pine Street for several years. His daughter Sarah became the second wife of architect Philip Hooker in 1814.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Christopher Monk has not yet been assigned a CAP biography number. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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