Andrew Mc Intosh


In 1800, the name of Andrew Mc Intosh appeared on the Albany census in the first ward. At that time, his household included a man and a woman born between 1756 and 1774 and four children. A number of similarly named contemporaries are at-risk in the region. We seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany.

Perhaps he was the "Andrew McIntosh, aged 27. [of/from] Elgin. Moreyshire. [who emigrated ] to Philadelphia, Pa., on the Clementina, ex Stornoway, 13 July, 1775. Labourer." If so, this Scot would have been born about 1748. In America since 1775, perhaps this individual was in New York during the war years and perhaps over the next decade as well. Perhaps a contemporary " McIntosh" found some of his American roots in Connecticut. We have not yet connected him to the Albany family of William Mc Intosh

His early Albany story appears to have begun during the 1790s. Subsequent surveys tell us that he was married and that he had a family. In 1796 and in 1801, his children were buried from the Albany Dutch church. Otherwise, no family information has been recovered from the existing records of early Albany churches.

In 1799, his personal property was assessed under (at least on that document) the first ward household of one Joseph Bloomer. The next year, his six person household was enumerated on the census in another part of the first ward. In April 1801, his real property in the second ward was assessed modestly.

After the early 1800s, the name of Andrew Mc Intosh has not been found in the community-based record.

The first city directory published in 1813 listed three McIntosh- headed addresses but none for Andrew.

Following our most recent Internet-based sweep, we have not yet uncovered additional information. Thus, we move on for now from the life of one-time Albany resident the Scot or Yankee Andrew Mc Intosh.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Andrew Mc Intosh has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. "Andrew MackIntosh" of Connecticut in 1790.

first posted 2/20/18; last considered 9/19/18