Ahasueras Marselis
Stefan Bielinski

Ahasueras Marselis was the son of New Netherland pioneers Marselis Janse and Anna Gerritse. He was known by the surname Marselis

He was one of five children noted in the will filed by his father in June 1690.

He grew up in Albany but married Sara Heemstreet of Schenectady in December 1697. Their twelve children were baptized between 1698 and 1723 in the Dutch churches of Albany and Schenectady. Ahasueras or "Swear" was a member of the Albany church and a frequent baptism sponsor.

Even prior to his marriage, he lived separately in a first ward house. During the late 1690s, he had some unpleasant experiences before the Albany court. After 1700, these Marselises relocated to Schenectady where he was known as a cordwainer. He retained his Albany home for several years.

Perhaps he was still alive in 1727 when he was paid (along with two sons) for work done at Oswego!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Ahasueras Marselis is CAP biography number 623. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Substantial genealogical material on his offspring is available online!

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