Thomas Lynott
Stefan Bielinski

Thomas Lynott was of Irish heritage. He lived in Albany during the mid-1760s. At that time, he was married to Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh - daughter of an Albany carpenter. The marriage produced at least two daughters.

signature of Thomas Lynott In 1766, he joined a number of Albany men in signing a contstitution of the Albany Sons of Liberty in opposition to the Stamp Act. His first ward house was listed on an Albany assessment roll in 1767. That year, he was a private in Barent Bradt's first ward company of the Albany County Militia. He was a communicant of St. Peter's church and also belonged to the Albany Masonic lodge.

He may have been involved in land sales. In May 1769, his friend Hugh Denniston said that Lynott was in Ireland. Later that year, Thomas Lynott filed a will. It stated that he was a resident of "Potamocassock" in Albany County. He divided his estate consisting of real and personal properties among his wife and two daughters. The will also mentioned two nephews living in Dublin, Ireland. The will passed probate in September 1770.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Thomas Lynott is CAP biography number 1147. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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