Thomas Lansing


Thomas Lansing was born in September 1727. He was the first and only child of Johannes G. and Catharina Hun Lansing. His mother died the month following his birth. In 1729, his father re-married. Thus, Thomas grew up in a home in Albany's first ward that included several children from his father's second marriage.

In March 1764, thirty-six year-old Thomas married Cornelia De Foreest at the Albany Dutch church where he was a member and occasional baptism sponsor. It appears that the marriage was childless. In October 1792, he would have been sixty-five when married widow and Albany native Jannetje Hun.

In his earlier days, Thomas Lansing was known as a carpenter but of no particular distinction. In 1760, he was appointed firemaster for the first ward. His house was accorded a moderate assessment on tax lists from the 1760s thru the end of the century. In 1788, his house and holdings were assessed in line with the other properties in the Hudson - Court Street section of the city. In 1763, he was counted among Albany's freeholders.

In his sixties during the War, he did not seem to play an active role except to contribute to the relief of Ticonderoga in 1775. His name was on a list of older Albany men who were exempted from service but promised to turn out in case of attack. However, after the war, he was accorded a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

In 1790, he was alone in his first ward home except for three slaves. During that time, his slaves received services at a number of Albany churches. By 1800, the first ward census noted a woman (wife Jannetje Hun) born before 1755 and three slaves living in his home. In 1810, seven additional people of all ages and two slaves were considered as part of his household. In 1808, he was invited to a funeral and was identified as of Hudson Street.

Thomas Lansing died in March 1811. His will passed probate on March 21. He was buried in the church cemetery plot. He had lived for more than eighty-three years.

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